Saturday, December 22, 2007

John's 1st Gallery Showing

John created a few portraits I thought I would share. He has started drawing people and is finally giving them eyes and noses (although not always in the right place) and they usually get arms and legs too! :) Here are his latest works of art.





an alligator

I don't have a scanner, so I had to take pics of them with my camera. I hope they show up okay. Here are a few other pics of the kids eating dinner. Natalie & Rebecca are devoring waffles and John is showing me the apricot in his soup. Really it's a tomato, but he said doesn't like tomatoes so I told him it was an apricot....funny how then he liked them. :) Oh, and notice that John has his shirt off. I have never met a little boy so worried about getting dirty at dinner. He could care less about falling in mud, or playing in dirt, but he dodes NOT want food on his clothes.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gotta brag

I'm so proud of myself! I just finished John's birthday cake and I had to post a picture. Shameless bragging, but I think it turned out pretty cute! :) I don't think my hand is steady enough to write Happy Birthday on it, so I think I'll just put candles in the middle.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Mommy Mode

You know you are in "mommy mode" when you hear the song Juke Box Hero by Foreigner and you sing "Juice Box Hero" without even thinking about it. Thank goodness Mike and I have a date tomorrow night! Adult conversation! Thank you Grandma June for offering to babysit! I need it! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sing, sing a song...

Natalie is on the road to walking. Yesterday she got ahold of John's stool in the kitchen and scooted it around walking behind it for quite a while. So, today I got out one of John's old walkers and she pushed it around the living room. She needed a little supervision, as the wheels move a lot faster than the stool did, but she loved it. Rebecca just watched her and laughed.

John told me his Christmas list today and it was pretty comical. He wants, Ho Ho (Santa), a Christmas Tree, a snowman, reindeer, a choo choo, and "all the presents". Hmmmm, guess I better get back to the store! :) John has started a new thing at dinner where he is worried about getting his shirt dirty, so he wants to take it off. It should be interesting the next time we go out to eat! He also has been telling me he is scared of his closet. It is usually at nap time that he brings this up, so it isn't like it is dark in the room with strange shadows. I close the doors for him, but when I go to get him up from his nap the doors are back open and he tells me he slept on the floor because he's scared of the closet. I don't know if he is trying to keep me in the room, or just delay his nap, or if he relaly is scared of something. It doesn't happen at bedtime though. I don''t know.
We have been trying a new form of discipline. He was getting time outs in his room, but we have since moved to standing in the corner facing the wall. It seems to be working a little better than going to his room. Today I had him stand in the corner, for not listening...AGAIN, and he started crying and singing his alphabet song. "Sob, sob, the A says Ahhh, wimper wimper, the A says Ahhh, sniff sniff, Every letter makes a sound, boo hoo, the A says Ahhh." I don't know if the song was comforting to him or what, but it was hard for me to keep a straight face. Some friends from playgroup and I have been discussing how none of our children seem to hear us anymore. It is crazy that so many of our kids are doing the EXACT same thing at the EXACT same time. I wish John was old enough to understand the whole Santa is watching you thing. Maybe the jolly old elf would have a little more impact on him than I do.

John was so proud, he put his button down shirt on all by himself! In case you can't tell from the picture, it is upside down and the collar is around the back. He was so happy to have done it without any help that he wore it like this for a majority of the day.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Things I never thought I'd have to say

"It is not polite to pinch your nipples at the dinner table. Please go to your room if you want to pinch your nipples."

8 month pics

Here are the girls 8 month pictures as well as a few others we took today. I can't believe they are 8 MONTHS OLD!

Natalie - 8 months

Rebecca - 8 months

Natalie pulling up to stand on her exersaucer

Rebecca hanging out with Daddy

Look! We got new big girl carseats today. Now the fun begins, when Mommy can't tote us around in our little carriers anymore.