Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone. We just got back from Trick or Treating, the kids are in bed, and I am exhausted! I have been itching to put the pictures up of the kids costumes, but wanted to wait until it was officially Halloween.Our first Halloween activity was playgroup on Monday. John (the policeman) and Natalie & Rebecca (the jailbirds) had a great time playing with all of their friends.

Thursday was John's preschool Halloween parade. He is in the back row, sans mustache.

Finally, tonight we took the girls out in the "paddy" wagon and got some real trick or treating done! We have WAY too much candy at our house now!

Monday, October 27, 2008


So, I was bored and playing around on the computer waiting for Mike to get home and found a website where you upload a picture of yourself and it shows you what your yearbook photo would look like from different years. Thank goodness I graduated in 1998 and not 1964!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall pics of Rebecca & Natalie

While John was taking an extened nap, I grabbed the girls and went outside to take some pictures in the yard. I didn't label the pictures, so Natalie is in blue and Rebecca is in red. Oh, and John is finally potty trained overnight. Woo hoo! One less kid to buy diapers for.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dancing Queen

Here is a short video I took of Natalie "dancing". Oh, and John is not showing off for the camera. The circles he's wearing in the carpet is his newest dance move.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

John's Fun Weekend

For my birthday GG and the kids took me to the zoo. We had nice fall weather and no crowds. When we first got there, the woman at the front desk told us to make sure to go see the baby kangaroo in the children's zoo. We headed there first thing, and looked all around and didn't see the baby kangaroo. Then we realized it was some kind of tree kangaroo, and the baby was in the mother's pouch. I was a little disappointed. I was imagining a cute little kangaroo jumping all around. Oh well. We also got a great look at the hippos swimming. Usually when we go it is so crowded that we can't get up to the glass to see them, but this day we were basically the only ones at the hippo exhibit. The kids all stood by the glass and the hippos swam laps back and forth in front of them. The girls would laugh every time they came by.John on a frog in the Children's Zoo
Natalie on her frog saying "CHEESE!"
Rebecca riding her frog.
The girls were not very happy about sitting in the hippos mouth with John

Friday, Chelsey and I took John to his first Parkway West football game. We had talked all day about the football game and what to expect when we got there. As we were pulling out of the driveway John asked if he needed his helmet. Confused, I said no. Then he told me that he would get some popcorn after he kicked the football. I realized then that he thought he was going to play in the football game. Luckily, he was fine with learning that we would just be watching. He liked the watch the field goals since that was pretty much the only time he could spot the ball. He also really liked his popcorn and getting his very own bottle of lemonade. He said the instruments (the band's halftime show) were his favorite part.
John, not looking very impressed with the cheerleaders.
John and Aunt Chelsey. Go Longhorns!
Just take the picture!

Saturday, John had another fun day. Julie and I took John and her son Jack to see the Backyardigans at the Fox. We had awesome 5th row seats! The boys were so good. They actually sat through the whole thing. Well, actually, John did get up to dance at one point, but that was fine. After the show we took the boys to the Cupcakery. Mmmm. That was my favorite part of the day.
John and Jack heading to the Fox.
standing outside the Fox
posing with Mommy

waiting for the show to start
The Backyardigans Live!

What a good show.

Oh, and some of you have heard about Mike's strange sleeping habits, and how he can fall asleep's proof. I found him asleep on the hood of his car after coming home from dinner with friends.