Tuesday, April 24, 2007

John 4/24/07

Our handsome little man John's new favorite place to play.

First Post

Welcome to our new blog! I figured we should move from All About John Michael to something that encompasses our newly expanded family. Mike and I are now outnumbered! Agh!

I would post some new pictures...but SOMEBODY (cough cough Chelsey) erased all my pictures off my camera last night! Okay Chels, that's the last time I'll give you trouble about it. I promise.

For our 1st post we have a very scary situation to post about. Last night was the 1st time I have ever called 9-1-1, as well as the 1st time I have ever been to Children's Hospital. It was a LONG night! It started at about 8:00 when Mike came outside holding Rebecca and Natalie. The moment he stepped outside onto the concrete Rebecca threw herself backwards and before he could catch her she had tumbled out of his arms, did a back flip, and ended up belly flopping on the concrete. I grabbed her and ran inside to the phone and called the doctors exchange. When the recording said if I could not wait to speak to someone that I should call 911, I immediately hung up and did just that. The dispatcher sent out a fire truck and ambulance with paramedics. They took Rebecca (who was sound asleep by this time) to the ambulance and checked her out. They thought she looked fine, but said it was up to us if we wanted them to take her to he hospital. Thinking we were better safe than sorry we decided she should go. I followed the ambulance while Mike stayed home with John and Natalie. En route to St. john's the paramedics called me and said St. John's wanted us to go to Children's Hospital. That place was PACKED! My sister and mom met Rebecca and I up there and we waited from 9:00pm to 1:00am. At that point we had at least another 3 hour wait, so we left and went to St. John's. There they took x-rays, poked and prodded Rebecca, and had me feed her to make sure she was not vomiting. She was sent home with us at about 4:30am. She seems to be perfectly fine, except for a few tiny little scrapes on her face and legs. Today she seems to be feeling fine. It was such a scary experience, but we are so blessed that everything turned out so well. Hopefully the rest of the week is less eventful!