Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Slip and Slide Pics

I forgot to include these in the last post.

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, John had his 1st opprotunity to play on a slip and slide. He loved it. He and 2 of his friends had such a good time, and the adults had a good time watching the kids slip and slide all over each other. It was like watching an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos in person.

Here are a few new pics of John and the girls.

John, at the Farmer Jason concert on Sunday.



Natalie & John

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Clifford and Gymnastics

Saturday, while Mike was working, Chelsey and I took John to the library to see Clifford. He loves the Clifford cartoon and books so I thought maybe he would like to meet him in "person." It started out fine with coloring and stories and songs, and then Clifford came in. John was terrified! As soon as the Big Red Dog came in John burried his face in Chelsey's shoulder. He wouldn't look up until we left the room, and then he was fine. He would say "bye bye Clifford." but as soon as Chelsey would take a step forward he would bury his head again. When we got to the car he started saying "Clifford bites!" I don't know where he got that from, but we told him Clifford doesn't bite, he gives hugs. Now, out of the blue, he keeps saying "Clifford doesn't bite, Clifford hugs." and he says it at the most random times.

Today was John's final gymnastics class and they had a show. John did his best, showing off his somersaults and balance beam skills. The cutest part was the medal ceremony at the end. Each kid got to go to the front, stand on the podium, recieve their medal, and give a big "Ta Da".

Here's a little video of John's gymnastics class playing with the parachute.

Friday, May 11, 2007

ABC's and a tantrum

I can't believe we were worried at one time that John wasn't talking yet...the boy doesn't stop now! Here are a few of our favorite things he says...

- saw-babies (strawberries)
- scerr bus (school bus)
- basKET ball (he always puts the emphasis on the 'ket')
- ashes, ashes, we all fall down (He almost got in trouble for this when he left out the 'all fall down' part because "ashes" seriously sounds like "Oh Sh*t" - not a good thing)
- when we drive he has to name every vehicle that passes us and let us know what color and type it is...drives consist of a constant stream from the backseat of "white car, blue truck, green van, scerr bus, bulldozer, red truck...
- EFG's (meaning he wants to sing his ABC's)

Here is a video if John singing his EFG's and getting easily distracted by an Elmo chair and sunglasses.

Here is a not so favorite time...for anyone that has not lived with a 2 year old...this can be your birth control. This is John's tantrum over me taking away his saw-babies (check out the huge pile of stsems on the table that he had already eaten)

To add to the peace in the house at that moment, you can hear the twins screaming in the backrgound)

Oh, and here's a picture of what happens when diaper rash cream attacks a little boy who was supposed to be in 'time out' in his room.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Pics of John & Rebecca 5/7/07

John loves to get in the girls double stroller... but sometimes he gets stuck!
This is what happens when an independent little boy want to put the Parmesan cheese on his spaghetti himself...check out the mound on his plate.
Rebecca, just hanging out while Mommy cooks dinner.

Friday, May 4, 2007

We made it a month!

Well, the girls are a month old already! We as parents have not succumbed to lack of sleep and turned into walking zombies and John has not withered away due to lack of attention (although more on that matter later). Rebecca and Natalie are doing great. They are eating well and putting on weight, and are usually getting up just once a night to feed. Mind you, that is one time a night each. They are really starting to hold their heads up and look around and be more alert. They are pretty much on the same sleep/awake schedule, although there have been a few rough days where Rebecca will sleep while Natalie is wide awake and vise makes it a little hard to get anything done besides hold babies.

John loves his little sisters. He is always wanting to hold, kiss, and hug them. He also has a thing about holding their hands. He will just sit by me on the couch reading a book or singing and hold one of the babies hands and my hand the whole time. We have been noticing though that he is definitely getting more jealous, especially in public. Twins seem to attract A LOT of attention when we go out, and people tend to ignore John while they are cooing over the babies. I try to make an effort to introduce him first, and make a fuss over him while they look at the babies, but he's not falling for it. Every time someone comes over to see them, he takes the opportunity to do something for attention, and it is usually not something good. At the hair salon the other day, as soon as a woman came over and asked about the girls he ran off and climbed under their huge product display almost knocking the whole thing's great fun. We also had our 1st incident at home yesterday where he was throwing the worst tantrum I have ever seen. It got to the point where I was just holding him in a bear hug for almost 10 minutes while he thrashed and screamed. When I finally let him go he got down on the ground and started banging his head on the ground. It was scary, but I tried to keep the mindset that if he was really hurting himself he would stop. Hopefully that was an isolated incident and we won;t have to go through that again.
Here are a few updated pics of the kids.
John at gymnastics class - the last 2 weeks of class they are putting on a show and having a medal ceremony, if anyone wants to go, let me know and I'll give you the details.
Natalie looking extremely uncomfortable in her bouncy seat

Natalie - 1 month old (making a bit of a strange face)

Rebecca - 1 month old

John and Natalie