Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Pink, heart shaped pancakes were a perfect way to start the day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Brag on John

Just have to brag on my baby for a minute. John scored 100% on his kindergarten screening today, and was the first kid this year to do so! Go John!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The dreaded Parent Teacher conference

No new pictures. I don't think I have even gotten my camera out in weeks. We need this cold to go away so we can do something fun.

The kids had their parent teacher conferences last week, and everyone got a good report. John's teachers said he is all set for kindergarten. The only issue he has is with sitting still and listening during story time. She said if it is one on one he will sit and listen to stories all day, but when they're in a group his attention wanders.

When I went to Natalie and Rebecca's conference I asked how they do in class together. There is only one class per age level at their school so I haven't had to deal with making the decision of keeping them together or splitting them up for school. The teacher said they each have their own friends and don't play together all that often. Natalie hangs with the girls and Rebecca plays with the boys. This is no surprise to me. Rebecca is all about the boys anywhere we go. We will walk into places and she will immediately start pointing out all the men and boys. If this is starting at age 2, I am not looking forward to age 13! Rebecca's teacher did have one concern. She does not know her colors (which isn't a big deal at this age) but she was having trouble matching colors. If the teacher held up a red ball and showed Becca how to pick another red ball, Rebecca would pick a green one. She said there was a possibility of her being color blind. So I called the doctor to see if they could do some sort of screening at her next check up, but they said she is too young. But now, just a week later, she knows almost all of her colors. It just suddenly clicked. It is funny how these little brains work.

John has his kindergarten screening this Friday. We had a friend that went last week, so she gave us a heads up on all the things he is supposed to know. I think he has them all down except his address. He knows the house number and he knows the street, he just doesn't put them together. Oh well, I can't imagine that will keep him out of school. :)