Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

For all the moms out there....Check this lady out! Make sure your volume is up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And she's off!

Well, I think Natalie is officially walking. This evening while I was getting the kids ready for bed, Natalie decided she was tired of crawling. :) She just stood up in the middle of the floor and walked over to the toy box, found what she wanted and walked over to the couch. She was VERY unsteady, but she did great. I think Rebecca may still be awhile. She's still pretty nervous to let go of whatever she is holding onto to stand on her own.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our eventful weekend

Saturday started off well enough. I got up super early to go sell a TON of baby stuff at a big baby garage sale while my sister stayed with the kids. (Mike was out of town in a fishing tournament) About an hour into the sale I get a phone call that John fell on the fireplace and hit his head. My sister wasn't sure if it needed stitches, so my mom ran by the house to assess the situation. I get a call back that it definitely needs stitches. It is really deep. So I pack up my remaining unsold items and high tail it home. Now, I have heard people talk about cuts so deep that you can actually see down into them, but I have never witnessed this myself, until that day. The poor little guy really got himself good. Fireplace - 1, John - 0. We went to the emergency room and luckily got in right away. John was so brave. The doctor gave him a little numbing medicine on the cut, cleaned it up, and glued it shut. He fussed a little bit when they cleaned it, but that was all. Now he has a big bandage on his face. So far he hasn't messed with it at all, and getting hurt has definitely not deterred him from running around like crazy and being his usual daredevil self. He may give me a heart attack, but he is not bothered in the least.

Sunday afternoon my friend and I took the kids to Grants Farm. The weather could not have been better. Not too hot, no wind. It was beautiful. John's favorite part as always was riding the choo choo truck. A very appropriate name I think since it is not actually a train. We saw an animal show, fed baby goats, burned off some energy running around looking at animals, and had a nice lunch. Let me just say that naptime Sunday was also beautiful. :) The girls are becoming quite the little eaters. They each ate more than John at lunchtime. They each had 3/4 of a sandwich, fries, water, and our friends leftover pizza crusts. They can certainly put it away! Later in the day we went to my Dad's house for a fish fry and we learned that Rebecca LOVES corn on the cob. I had cut a bunch of corn off the cob for her, but when we sat down she grabbed my whole cob and started gnawing away. She finished the entire thing. She was a mess afterwards, but now I know what to give her if I need to keep her entertained for an hour or so. :)

John feeding the baby goats. I hope whatever they feed them is okay for babies too. The other little boy we were with gave his bottle to Natalie, and before I realized it she had finished 1/2 of it. She seems okay...

John and an iguana. The iguana was getting a little worked up, so we were not allowed to pet it.

John and a possum

checking out the elephants

"Get us out of this thing!"

Natalie, Daddy, Rebecca, and the corn

"Man! This is delicious!"