Friday, July 20, 2007

Natalie laughing...kind of

I hesitated posting this video, because it looks like I am jerking Natalie up and down by her arms, but really I was bouncing her with my knees, you just can't see them. Before I started taping she was laughing so hard everytime she would bounce...of course when I started filming I barely got a giggle out of her, but she definately looks like she is having fun.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bargain Hunter

Oh, and now that John's off my lap I just wanted to brag on myself for a moment. :) I found a great coupon for Gerber baby food, so I figured I should stock up since the girls will be starting food before we know it. So far I have gotten 90 jars of food, which originally cost $ 52.40. I only paid $ 9.40!! I am so excited I am going back for more today! I figure at this price, anything we don't use we can donate to a shelter. I'm paying between 1 and 2 cents an ounce, which is cheaper than I can even make the food for myself! Woo hoo!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Trip to KC

Well, we survived our first road trip and hotel stay with just me and the 3 kids. It really wasn't bad at all. We went to KC for my nieces and nephew's birthday parties. We borrowed a car DVD player from a friend for John and the ride down and that was great! We had a bit of an issue with the hotel...if when I make my reservation you want to know the ages of my kids, why would you put one adult, 2 infants, and a 2 year old on the 2nd floor when there is no elevator! That was a pain...oh, and they also changed my reservation from a king size bed (so John could sleep with me and not roll out of bed) to 2 full size beds without asking me! Agh! They got us switched though...but we were still on the 2nd floor. Oh well.
Mike's mom and sister stayed at the same hotel, so it was nice having a few helping hands when I needed them.
The hardest part of the weekend was when John got sick at 4:30 in the morning. I think it was just too long of a car ride and too much excitement seeing all of his cousins. At 4:30am he woke me up by throwing up all over me and the bed. So we had to strip the bed and wait for housekeeping to come change the sheets. It was a long night, but he was perfectly fine after that.
Sorry I'm not posting more today, but John is sitting on my lap, making it kind of hard to type. Here are a few pics of the kids.
Rebecca, John, and Natalie on the 4th of July.

John sitting in the girls exersaucer.

John eating ice cream and NOT wanting his picture taken.

John playing with the toy lawn mower at cousin Kendall's house.

John riding the pink tractor at the petting zoo in KC. (Mike would love that he picked the PINK tractor! :)

Here's a short little video of John playing with Kendall's jack in the box

Monday, July 2, 2007


I have now been a mother of 3, under 3, for 3 months. :) Here are the girls 3 month pictures...unfortunately Rebecca's is a little out of focus.

Rebecca - 3 months

Natalie - 3 months