Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yesterday the kids and I went to Meet the Machines, an event at an excavating company where kids can climb on the big equipment and see all kinds of demonstrations. John talked the whole way there about seeing the bozers. That would be bulldozers to the rest of us. He loved it, but next year I think Mike is going to take him without Natalie and Rebecca. There were long lines for some of the bigger attractions and the girls got fussy if we sat still for too long. Also, there were a few things we couldn't do because of the girls being in the stroller. Unfortunately, Mike was working out of town that morning and couldn't go this time.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Just a swingin'

Well we finally got a reprieve from the rain for a day or two, so we took advantage and took the kids to the park. John made friends with a little boy, but since they couldn't understand each other when they exchanged names they just called each other "buddy" the whole time. It was really cute. He was such a little daredevil. He couldn't just go down the tunnel slide, he had to climb on top of it. He didn't use the handrails to hold on to, but rather scaled them and jumped off. He is going to break his arm one of these days! The girls took their first ride in swings and loved it! Natalie was laughing so hard every time I would push her.
John not wanting his picture taken

Rebecca swinging
Natalie swinging

John in the big kid swing!

Oh, and as of yesterday, we won't have to drive to the park as often. Look what Mike brought home!!!! I have been wanting a swing set for the last year or two, but Mike didn't want to take up too much yard space. But last week a friend of ours mentioned that his neighbor was moving and didn't want to deal with moving their swing set so we got a $1,300 swing set for $200!!! You can't really see in the picture but the back side has a rock climbing wall and there are monkey bars across where the swings are. Another friend of ours is giving us their baby swing that their son outgrew, so everyone will be able to swing at once! Woo hoo! Unfortunately due to the rain today John hasn't gotten to play with it yet...maybe tomorrow.

Here are a few more pictures from the girls birthday party

Friday, April 11, 2008

Girls 1 Year Stats

Natalie & Rebecca had their 1 year check up yesterday. The doctor said they are doing great. It was a very tearful appointment though, as they both got 3 shots. Poor babies. John, for some reason, never cried when he got his shots as a baby. I never understood why parents always said it is so hard taking your babies in for their shots, but now I know. Poor girls.

height: 28 3/4 inches (32%)
weight: 19 lbs 3 oz (16%)

height: 29 1/4 inches (49%)
weight: 20 lbs 12 oz (40%)

Apparently Rebecca is shrinking. :) At her 9 month check up she weighed 21 lb 8 oz. The doctor said not to worry about it though. As long as she is eating and drinking normally and filling diapers on a regular basis she is fine. We go back when they are 15 months old.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Birthday Party x 2

Saturday was the girl's birthday party. And if I do say so myself, they looked quite adorable. Natalie had a pink shirt that read "1 of 2" and Rebecca's said "2 of 2". Then they had on pink tutus and diaper covers with their names embroidered on them. I didn't get too many pictures so I'll post what I have here. A few people are going to send me the ones they took, so as I get them I will post again.
Happy Birthday Rebecca

Happy Birthday Natalie

Rebecca was a little clingy that day, but I later realized she has 2 molars that just broke through, so at least there was a reason.

You can barely see it, but John learned how to write his name! Well, I guess technically he learned how to write the letters in his name. I had to remind him what came next. I am so proud of him though. He knows all his letters and all the sounds they make. Now he is writing them. We have tried working on reading a tiny bit, but we're not quite there yet. I am such an obsessive reader I can't wait for the day he can read one of his books to me!

And just for a little blast from the past, here is John at his 1st birthday party

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Girls

Well, we made it a year! The girls turned 1 yesterday. We went out to lunch with Maw Maw and came home and celebrated with a nap. They're having their party on Saturday. Natalie - 1 year

Rebecca - 1 year

John fishing at the Magic House

Playing in the water at the Magic House

Taking a drive...notice how his whole right side is soaked from playing in the water

Natalie enjoying her birthday dinner of lasagna

Rebecca loved her lasagna too

one of my favorite pics of Rebecca

Apparently during his nap John took his shirt off and then put it back on inside out and backwards :)

Here's a super short video clip of Natalie taking her 1st steps (if you have your volume turned up, please ignore Rebecca's screams in the background. She was just being cranky.) :)