Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conversation with John

We were discussing twins...

Me: Remember when Mommy's tummy was really big?

John: Yeah

Me: Well, Natalie and Rebecca were in there. They were really tiny and then they grew into babies in Mommy's belly. When a mommy has 2 babies in their belly, the babies are twins.

John: (appalled) They walked right in your mouth and went down to your BELLY?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Days of School

It's official. All the kids are now in school. John had his 1st day last Friday where I stayed with him, and his first day by himself was Monday. He is going 3 days a week and loving it. Most of the kids from last year are in his class, as well as a few new friends. He has already been planning his show and tells for the next week. This week he took a tractor one day and a hammer the next. Next week he plans on bringing his tae kwon do belt and maybe one of his trains. I really wish I could be a fly on the wall during show and tell to see what the kids say about the treasures they bring from home.Hugs from Becca
Hugs from Natalie

The girls had their 1st day on Monday, where I stayed with them, and then their first official day by themselves was Wednesday. They did great. They remembered the teachers from John's class, so they were fine being left with them. We got a few new pieces of art to add to our growing collection. I came to pick them up just a few minutes early so I got to peek in while they were singing. It was so cute watching them participate with their class. I can't believe they are getting so big!
Hugs for Rebecca
Hugs for Natalie
the girls and I after their 1st day
Sleeping in beds hasn't been going so well. The first couple of days were alright, but now, I don't think they sleep at all during nap time. They empty the dresser and the toy box. Get in each others beds, and basically just play and make a big mess. Then, when it is time to get up they are exhausted.
After the girls took a nice rest on the living room floor yesterday, we headed outside. All the kids are getting so much more adventurous. John is close to being able to reach the monkey bars which I'm sure means a trip to the ER for a broken arm is in our near future. Natalie has no fear whatsoever. She has learned to climb the rock wall and is now climbing the rope ladder. She falls and gets her legs stuck, but just keeps going back for more. Even Rebecca has started getting into the action. She used to be scared to climb the steps and now she is scaling the bar ladder and working on the rock wall. It's neat to watch them learn how to do all these things, but I have about 15 mini heart attacks every time we play outside.
Natalie on the rope ladder
spinning on the tire swing
Rebecca on the slide
Rebecca lounging on the fold up chair they have started taking up the playhouse area
John swinging
These are some strange kids I have. After playing on the swingset, John found the girls old pool floaties and they all decided to wear them on their heads. Natalie



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Kids

Summer is coming to an end, and we are all ready for school to start. John's 1st day is tomorrow and the girls start on Monday. I'm hoping to get out tonight to pick up a first day of school outfit for John. I also need to find his other tennis shoe which seems to have been missing most of the summer since he has been wearing flip flops.

John made his bi-yearly trip to the dentist and was pleased to find out he has 20 teeth, just like he guessed. I was pleased that there were no cavities. He sat very well and the only issue we had was the dentist put mint toothpaste on the brush without asking what flavor John wanted. He hates mint so he kind of freaked out when it touched his mouth. The dentist even had to get a new toothbrush out because John said he could still taste the mint even after it had been washed off multiple times.

We had a few "big" birthday celebrations in the last few weeks. Mike turned 30 and his sister turned 40 within a week of each other. For Mike's birthday we had a weekend at the Lake sans kids. For Lin's we went to Grandpa Bud and Grandma June's house for dinner. The kids had fun playing with all their cousins. They also loved feeding the fish in the little patio pond.

Last weekend the girls ended their stay in cribs. We had a few climbing out incidents, so out came the toddler beds. They have been doing pretty well in them. Rebecca will stay in hers. Even when she wakes up in the morning she will just sit in bed and wait for someone to come get her. Natalie is needing a little more reminding about staying in bed. So far she has ripped down the window shade, poured sunscreen all over the floor, and emptied out the closet. Ugh.