Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

I have been wanting to post pics of the kids costumes, but was trying to wait until Halloween.

The girls had their Halloween party and costume parade at school on Wednesday. They usually parade outside around the school, but because of all the rain they had to parade through the playroom. A little anti-climactic if you ask me. It wasn't even raining that day, but I guess the teachers thought it was too wet outside. G.G. came up and got to see the girls and their friends in their costumes.

John's class parade and party was Friday, and it was also inside. This time it was actually pouring out, so I understood. :) They went up and down the hall and around the playroom. After posing for a few pictures the parents took off and the kids proceeded with their Halloween festivities. After picking John up we got the girls in their costumes and headed off to my mom's work so she could see them and they could trick or treat around her office. My mom thought ahead, and being the wonderful Maw Maw that she is, went around beforehand and gave candy to her coworkers to hand out to the kids.

Saturday we made a trip to Grandma June and Grandpa Bud's house and then over to my Dad's house so all the grandparents could see the costumes. Natalie was being a bit bashful for some reason, but they had a good time and started filling their treat bags before trick or treating even began.

Finally we made it over to our friends house for trick or treating. It has become a yearly tradition to go over there for dinner and then trick or treat around their neighborhood. They have a ton of kids in their neighborhood and everyone participates. Our street is like a ghost town on Halloween. No kids at all. The only trick or treaters we ever get are the neighbors grandkids. For some reason though I still go buy a big bag of candy every year. The kids filled their treat bags and we went back over to Mike & Julie's to hang out, let the kids play, and hand out candy to the rest of the goblins. I love how near the end of the night all the older kids (teenagers) come out to trick or treat. There were 2 guys that cracked me up. One was just wearing jeans and a hoodie. When Julie asked what he was, without even hesitating he said "I'm Nicholas Cage." Another guy was wearing jean and a Michael Jackson t-shirt and said he was a Michael Jackson fan. Awesome costumes guys! :) After the kids downed as much sugar as they could we took 3 overly tired kids home, brushed teeth like crazy, and listened to the silence as they all fell asleep immediately.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Natalie's lip job

Good news! It seems that Natalie won't be in need of a lip job anytime in the near future! Modern medicine can keep all their injectibles for plumping lips, my daughter found a natural way to get a movie star mouth. Poor baby slipped on a book and smacked her mouth right into her bed. She bit into her lip pretty good. Lots of blood, but all is well. A cold washcloth, a little ice, and lots of snuggles and she was good to go.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jail is not fun!

Holy cow. I slacked off here for almost a month. What's been going on...

John has had 2 field trips at preschool already. The first was to a local park with farm animals. We had been there before, so he wasn't quite as excited as some of the other kids. The second was to the fire/police station. That one he loved! He came home with a fire hat and tons of information about calling 911, stopping - dropping - and rolling, and that jail is not fun.

John and his best friend from preschool

Natalie and Rebecca are well into the terrible twos. Rebecca spends a lot of time screaming and Natalie has decided she needs to be carried everywhere. They are both loving preschool and I basically have to beg for a kiss goodbye before they run off to play.

Halloween is coming up way too fast. The kids costumes are pretty much done, but since my sewing machine is messed up I will be going to my mom's house this weekend to finish them up. The are going as Alice in Wonderland characters. John is the Mad Hatter, Rebecca is the Queen of Hearts, and Natalie is Alice. Someday John is going to realize that he can decide what he wants to be for Halloween, but until he does I am loving the themes. :)
Oh, and during my break here I went and turned 30. Blah!