Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodbye 2009

New Year's Eve just isn't the same after kids. This year we went over to a friends house for a wild night of board games and sparkling grape juice. The girls played for a bit and then went to bed, but John and his friend actually stayed up to greet the new year. I was surprised! While the little boys were off playing, the adults played Taboo and Balderdash. Julie and I were the champions of Taboo by a mile. Balderdash got interesting as one of our friends, with no kids to drive home, was drinking quite a bit. When you play this game you make up definitions for strange words and try to get people to pick yours as the correct definition. Let's just say his were never picked. That boy has a dirty mind. As 2009 drew to a close we all gathered in front of the tv to watch the ball drop and got our New Year's kisses. Then we bundled up and went outside to let the kids bang pots and pans and watch fireworks. Yes, that is white grape juice...not champagne :)

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